The 2015 JWGC will be held at Narromine which is in the state of New South Wales in Australia. The closest International airport is Sydney, which is approximately 6 hours drive from Narromine. All major International airlines fly to Sydney.

There is a smaller airport just 30 minutes drive from Narromine called Dubbo. Airlines Qantas and REX fly from Sydney to Dubbo.

Narromine Gliding Club’s website can be found HERE.

Narromine has good services: cafes, restaurants, pubs, post office & supermarket. Should you require something unusual, the town of Dubbo, just 30 minutes drive away is a much bigger business centre.

Pilots & crew should try to obtain a 3G mobile phone service through Telstra (pre-paid options available) for the best mobile coverage in Australia. Telstra 3G coverage should cover close to 90% of the tasking area. Other Australian mobile carrier companies’ coverage is no where near the coverage as Telstra.